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How Important Is Attic Insulation, and Do I Need It?

The attic is the highest point in your home, and it’s often not insulated. This allows cold air to seep into your house, making you feel colder than necessary. If you’re looking to save money on heating bills, insulating the attic is a step you might want to consider! So, should you hire attic insulation services to work on your home?

What is attic insulation?

You might think that attic insulation is only essential for people with attics, but that’s not the case! Attic insulation isn’t only needed if you live in a home without an attic – you can install it right on your roof. That means anyone who feels like their house is too cold at night and doesn’t want to pay excessively high home energy bills during the winter should consider insulation installation in Wilsonville.

Why do I need attic insulation?

Attic insulation is critical! Studies show that having an uninsulated attic leads to wasted energy expenditures of up to 80% or more per year due to heat loss through the roof cavity. When you think about attics, it’s easy to assume they don’t need insulation because it’s unlikely the area is hot enough to get rid of that heat. Although that might be true, attics are prone to cold during the winter because the furnace can only heat so much area!

Attic insulation is a simple investment that can help you save a ton of money on home energy bills. When trying to decide what type of attic insulation to go with, consider multiple factors. The type of insulation you get will depend on the climate of your house, how big your attic is, and its shape.

One thing to keep in mind if you think you need more attic insulation is that you should always hire professional insulation contractors in Wilsonville when installing or replacing attic insulation. It’s not the kind of job that most people can do themselves, and it can be hazardous if you get the type of insulation wrong. For example, fiberglass is a fire hazard if moisture gets on it, while spray foam insulation becomes ineffective when exposed to water! Hire a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing to ensure you’re not putting yourself or your family in danger.

What are the benefits of having attic insulation installed in my home?

One of the best things about attic insulation is that it’s easy to see how much money you’re saving. You’ll be able to compare your home energy usage before and after setup to know how much you’re saving. If you install a certain amount, such as R-38, then there are benefits beyond just money! For example, this amount is also suitable for keeping out hot air during the summer.

You can help prevent the spread of pests such as termites and rodents in your home through better Wilsonville insulation practices. Having fewer critters in your house is a huge plus! It’s also possible to keep specific airborne allergens at bay by installing more insulation. This is especially important for people struggling with allergies or asthma living in the home. If you feel like your house isn’t as cozy as it used to be, then having attic insulation installed could be a great way to get things back on course!

How much does it cost, and how long does insulation installation take?

The price of having attic insulation installed in your home will vary depending on the type of insulation you go for and how big your attic is. On average, a person can expect to pay anywhere from $650 – $1100 depending on whether or not they need to purchase new materials for installation. Different types of insulating materials are available for the attic. An attic ceiling will vary in size from one house to another, but the average height is between 12 and 20 feet high.

The amount of time it takes for insulation installation can vary based on how much area they cover. It usually takes at least a few hours to get everything back in order, and homeowners may need to wait a few days for their house to dry out after the installation. Overall, it’s not a complicated process; you’ll have to be patient as the insulation contractors go through with attic insulating!


Your attic is a vital part of your house. Suppose you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on heating bills every month because your insulation isn’t up-to-date. In that case, it may be time to contact us for professional advice and insulation installation services in Wilsonville, Oregon. Contact us today at (503) 640-9000!


How important is insulation in the attic?

Attic weatherization is extremely important. This is because hot air rises to the top, escaping to the outside through the attic and roof! This can be a nightmare for a home without it in the winter season.

How can you tell if your attic insulation is in good condition?

If the insulating material slowly breaks down, it will begin to smell, or mold may start popping up. You should contact professional contractors in Wilsonville for a free estimate of the repairs or replacement needed!

Is it worth replacing attic insulation?

It is! If you don’t have any weatherization whatsoever in your attic, that’s a significant risk. It’s crucial to replace it as soon as possible!

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How Important Is Attic Insulation, and Do I Need It?

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