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Vapor Barrier Installation Portland OR

Protect Your Home With Professionally Installed Vapor Barrier Insulation

Vapor Barrier Installation Portland Or

The area beneath your home doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Just like your walls and ceilings, unless you take steps to insulate them, your floors will let cold air seep in. Not only that, but improper insulation can lead to a host of home-related problems that can occur due to moisture intrusion.

Protecting your home means getting professional service, and nobody provides more cost-effective vapor barrier replacement and other weatherization services in Lake Oswego than the technicians at Northwest Weatherization. Give us a call today for a free estimate, and let our team help keep your home safe.

Protect your home against invasive moisture from the ground up.

A vapor barrier installation protects your home at a foundational level. That’s proactive prevention. Don’t wait until problems begin. Call us now.

Get the right protection for your home.

We use a wide variety of materials to protect your home against moisture. Depending on the positioning of your home and the scope of the crawlspace beneath it, we may recommend 6, 8, or even 12-millimeter vapor barriers. 12 millimeters is the strongest available. If you plan on using the area beneath your home for additional storage or other uses, this is recommended.

A Moisture Barrier Will Keep Your Crawl Space Dry And Protect Your Home From:

  • Sewage, moisture, and water buildup underneath your home. The installation of a vapor barrier can keep contaminants out. Flooding can wash in sewage waste if you aren’t protected, and barriers keep it out. It also prevents water from seeping into your foundation and causing deep-rooted and costly damage.
  • The risk of odor and mold. Mold needs a warm place to grow. Once it’s established, it doesn’t take long for it to enter your home. This typically occurs out of sight behind walls and flooring. This can lead to an expensive restoration and health problems. Our barriers prevent growth conditions and mold growth.
  • Reduce the chance of bursting pipes. Burst pipes are almost always due to freezing temperatures. Insulating the underside of your home raises the temperature. This helps regulate the sub-floor temperature in every season and protects pipes from freezing in winter.
  • Electrical waste and efficiency loss. Moisture buildup makes your home cooler. That means additional heating costs. You also work your furnace harder and cause it to fail that much sooner. Our technicians help eliminate moisture. That saves you money now and later.

Get Your Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installed By A Professional

Vapor Barrier Installation Near Me Portland Or

Installing a crawl space vapor barrier is crucial for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest to combat excess moisture and its detrimental effects. This meticulous process begins with a thorough inspection to assess the extent of any existing moisture damage and structural issues. Once identified, our installation team selects an appropriate vapor barrier material, considering factors like thickness and durability. We carefully lay the barrier, sealing seams tightly to prevent any moisture infiltration.

This not only enhances energy efficiency by preventing heat loss but also safeguards against potential structural damage caused by prolonged exposure to moisture. Moreover, a properly installed crawl space vapor barrier contributes to improved indoor air quality by preventing mold and mildew growth, creating a healthier living environment.

Protect Your Health With Crawl Space Encapsulation

Your home may be exposed to above-average levels of Radon. This odorless gas can be a major health risk when present. It occurs in certain areas due to the composition of the soil. Crawlspace encapsulation uses our thickest barriers. It seals off all vents and requires careful taping off of any seams. This serves to eliminate the possibility radon will enter your home from below.

Stop Your Search For Vapor Barrier Installation Near Me. Call Today!

Don’t wait until your crawlspace is flooded, wet, or contaminated with sewage. The time to act is now. We provide accurate, affordable services provided by certified local technicians. Protect your home. Protect your health. Call or contact us today.