Insulation Service

Insulation Service

Insulation service is the most effective way to reduce energy loss in the home. This has a ripple effect and provides benefits in many areas. If you haven’t thought about how insulation contributes to heat loss in the home, consider your home’s age. If it exceeds 20 years you’re likely living with inferior or broken down insulation. This isn’t a passive problem. Poorly insulated homes cost their owners money every single year. At Northwest Weatherization we put a stop to it. New insulation installation is more affordable than you realize, and that’s not all.

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Rebates allow you to recoup as much as 40% of the cost of insulation services!

Our certified technicians know which updates offer incentives. We’ll work with you to create an action plan, identify available rebates, and take care of all the local paperwork.

With more than 5,000 insulation services performed locally, we handle every aspect of your home’s insulative properties. There are a handful of focus areas that contribute more than any others. We’ll work with you to create an insulation plan depending on the age of your home and results of your home efficiency check. Our PTCS Certified technicians are true craftsmen. We use specialized employees for each service we offer. That specialization improves two things: the quality of the work and the speed at which it is accomplished. It’s important to us that you get every available benefit when we re-insulate your home. Choosing us gets you exceptional service and all the savings you are entitled to.

Critical Focus Areas Include:

  • Floor insulation – Your floors and crawlspaces may not be properly insulated or sealed. We install vapor barriers, seal and insulate all areas, and re-screen damaged vents. Different materials are used for sub-floors, piping, and access hatches in order to correctly insulate against heat loss.
  • Wall insulation – Walls are a prime area for heat loss. We use high-quality JM Spider blow in wall insulation. This provides a greater r-value and airflow restraint than foam. It will not grow mold or mildew, won’t settle, and completely fills spaces around piping, electrical boxes, and wires.
    Wall insulation can reduce heat loss by as much as 2/3.
  • Air sealing – If you have a ducted system, air sealing is a must. Gaps in your duct system can allow unfiltered air to escape, bringing with it the dust, allergens, and bacteria that typically stays in your ducts. We can increase the efficiency of your system, reduce drafts and moisture, and prevent unhealthy air pollution.

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