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Weatherization Service Milwaukee

What Are Weatherization Services?

The weather is getting colder, and homeowners are starting to think about their home’s insulation. If you’re one of them, there are a few things that you need to know before hiring someone for the job. Weatherization improves your home’s energy efficiency by blocking drafts in doors and windows, installing more efficient boiler systems, and adding attic insulation. But before we delve deeper into the subject, what exactly do weatherization services in Milwaukie look like?

What is Weatherization?

This is a process that uses durable materials such as extra insulation, more efficient windows and doors to increase the power efficiency of a household. Its purpose is to make your house less reliant on external sources such as electricity or natural gas for its energy needs. A weatherized house in Milwaukee, OR, uses energy from inside the house rather than outside sources.

What Do Weatherization Services Involve?

Weatherizing involves breaking down the walls of your house to install insulation, installing storm windows and doors to seal up drafty sections, adding energy-saving air vents on top of the roof, and upgrading your heating system. These changes will make your house more energy-efficient and maintain a more comfortable temperature throughout winter and summer. If you are going for insulation services, you will see results that can last up to 20 years. The process of weatherizing takes place in three important phases.

The pre-weatherization phase involves conducting a survey of your home and calculating the amount of energy consumption, location, and type of boiler system. This way, it’s possible to estimate the changes needed. Once this is done, your contractor will provide you with a quote on its cost. In the second phase, contractors perform necessary household renovations to achieve maximum power efficiency in your home. Finally, the third phase involves checking your home’s power efficiency and making further necessary modifications. This process is repeated on an annual basis to maintain the efficiency of your house.

Why do I need Weatherization Services?

There are many benefits of weatherization services. The most obvious is that your utility bill will often go down after a property has been weatherized. Another benefit is that when you decrease the amount of energy your house uses, it also decreases the carbon footprint on our planet. Finally, the process improves your quality of life as you get to live in a safer and more comfortable space with your family.

How does weatherizing my home save energy and money?

By air sealing doors and windows, upgrading old HVAC systems, or adding insulation to your attic, you are increasing the energy efficiency inside your home and saving money on utility bills. Imagine spending $1000 yearly to heat a leaky house. If you weatherized that same house using extra insulation materials and add a new thermostat, you will be spending only $500 to heat it. That’s $500 in savings!

Who needs to be weatherized?

Because weatherization services in Milwaukie, OR, can reduce the amount of energy your home needs and help lower your utility bill and carbon footprint, it is recommended that everyone weatherize their households. Even if you are not using a lot of energy now, as technology improves and we get more accustomed to using new systems such as air conditioning or appliances in our housing units, your energy usage increases. Weatherization service can help tame that focus on energy.

What are the most common areas of a home that need to be weatherized?

The most commonly weatherized parts of a home are doors and windows, HVAC systems, and attics (or roofs). When looking for someone to do the job, make sure you choose a company that uses durable materials and has qualified employees. They should be licensed and should be able to show they have some experience and knowledge in the field.

How much does weatherization cost?

Weatherization services are affordable, especially considering the amount of money you can save by having them done. While it will vary from one state to another, in most places, weatherizing your home costs between $1000 and $3000. What’s more important is choosing a company that offers you the best deal for your money. Don’t sway for a service provider just because they offer low prices. It is better to choose someone who provides high-quality services at a fair price.

What happens after I have my home weatherized?

After getting your home properly weatherized, it will not only help you reduce your utility bills, but it will make your home more comfortable. You won’t need to worry about drafts or freezing windows during winter, or overheating during summer.

How can I learn more about Weatherization Services?

If you’re interested in learning more about these services and the many benefits of weatherizing, there are numerous resources on the internet that can bring you up to date.


Weatherization services in Milwaukie, OR, are a great way to get your home more energy-efficient. If you’ve been thinking about how much money you could be saving on utilities by making some simple changes, it might be time for you to call us and set up an appointment!


What does weatherization help with?

Insulation helps with many issues-homes improve their energy conservation and become less power dependent. This means you will run your HVAC unit less and use less electricity to keep warm and cool, saving you money.

Does the weatherization assistance program replace Windows?

No, the Oregon home energy assistance program does not replace glass or windows. They help seal off drafts around doors and windows.

What does weatherization involve?

Weatherization services focus on energy to help reduce drafts, seal off drafty areas, and help prevent moisture from getting into your household. Local weatherization program professionals will also make sure you are using proper insulation. They will install seals in doors and windows that do not have weather stripping around them.

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What Are Weatherization Services?

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