Vapor Barrier & Crawlspace Encapsulation

Vapor Barriers

The crawlspace below your house isn’t a separate system. When it isn’t properly protected from the elements it can seriously affect your comfort, safety, and bank account. The sooner you take care of it, the better. Crawlspace damage can hit hard and fast in the Northwest. With an extended rainy season, it’s no wonder prepared homeowners call on the professionals at Northwest Weatherization when they need vapor barriers. Our certified technicians install high-quality barrier products, and they do it right.

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With more than 5,000 insulation jobs performed locally, we provide complete vapor barrier protection utilizing 6, 8, and 12 millimeter barriers depending on your needs. 12 mil is the strongest material and frequently used when crawlspaces are intended for additional work or use. Our technicians will assess your crawlspace before making recommendations. If you experience regular flooding or moisture during the rainy season, call us now. Vapor barriers are your first line of defense.

Protect Your Home Against:

  • Water, sewage, and moisture buildup beneath your home. Installing a barrier beneath your home can keep these contaminants out. This doesn’t just protect your foundation. These contaminants can affect other areas of your home leading to additional problems.
  • The risk of mold and odor. Mold needs warmth and moisture to grow. Once mold establishes a foothold it can easily make its way beneath flooring and into walls. This can lead to health risks and costly restoration. A barrier stops growth conditions from occurring and blocks other contaminants like sewage.
  • Reduce the risk of bursting pipes. Freezing pipes is a primary reason for bursts. Insulating the area beneath your home with a barrier raises the temperature. This protects pipes from freezing and also helps to regulate temperature in the home during seasonal extremes.
  • Efficiency loss and electricity waste. Moisture buildup beneath your flooring makes the inside of your home cooler. You’ll have to heat it longer and hotter to make up for this energy loss. Our barriers help to eliminate that moisture, increase your home’s efficiency, and save you added heating costs.

Protect your health with complete crawlspace encapsulation.

Some homes face a higher exposure to Radon than others. Because this gas is odorless and poses a health risk, many homeowners have decided to go one step beyond applying a vapor barrier in their crawlspace. Crawlspace encapsulation relies on 12 mil plastic that is taped at the seams in order to keep any and water and moisture from getting within the crawlspace. It also uses this taped plastic to block all vents from having any moisture enter the crawlspace. This can entirely prevent radon from entering below the home.

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Don’t wait until your crawlspace is wet, flooded, or filled with sewage. The time for action is now. We provide affordable, accurate services performed by certified technicians. Protect your home. Protect your health. Call or contact us today.

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