What Are Vapor Barriers?

Vapor barrier in Vancouver WA
The area beneath your house must be protected. If you don’t have the right barrier or none at all, it can allow moisture into your home or destroy any sub-floor insulation you have. This can lead to major problems and expensive restoration efforts. Vapor barriers protect Vancouver, WA homes. Ours are cost-effective, use quality materials, and are installed by certified technicians. When you want reliable protection, choose Northwest Weatherization.

Protect your home against invasive moisture from the ground up.

A vapor barrier installation protects your home at a foundational level. That’s proactive prevention. Don’t wait until problems begin. Call us now.

Protect your home the right way.

We use a number of different materials to protect your home from moisture. Depending on the size of your crawlspace and position of your home we may advise using 6, 8 or ever 12-millimeter vapor barriers. 12 is the thickest we use. That provides greater durability making it ideal for below ground areas that may be used as storage or for other use.

Call us now if you experience regular flooding or moisture during the rainy season!

Vapor Barriers in Vancouver WA

Moisture barriers protect your home against:

  • Water, moisture, and sewage buildup under your home. Vapor barriers keep contaminants out of your crawlspace. Flooding can wash in things like sewage which can cause health problems. More than that, it keeps out moisture and water, helping to protect your foundation and prevent mold growth.
  • The risk of mold and odors. Mold requires two things to grow—moisture and warmth. If it doesn’t have both it will have a difficult time establishing itself. It often starts in the basement and works its way up into walls and flooring. Restoration is costly. Our barriers prevent the conditions mold needs to thrive.
  • Reduce the chance of bursting pipes. Freezing temperatures burst pipes. Insulating your crawlspace raises the temperature of the area. This regulates basement and crawlspace temperatures, helping pipes stay warm and working.
  • HVAC efficiency loss and wasted electricity. When moisture builds up it cools your home. You have to work your furnace longer and harder to heat it. That adds up in two ways. The first is an increase in your electrical bill. The second is a reduction in furnace lifespan. Our technicians prevent moisture. That saves you money immediately.

Crawlspace encapsulation protects your health.

Your home may be exposed to unsafe levels of Radon. This occurs when the soil composition is heavy in certain elements. Since radon is odorless you won’t detect it without testing. Crawlspace encapsulation uses our thickest 12 mil vapor barriers and special plastic tape in order to seal off your sub floor and vents. This prevents radon from entering the home.

Contact us now.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Your crawlspace could be letting in moisture right now. Flooding and sewage contamination happen without warning. Act now. We provide local service and affordable prices. Our technicians are certified. Protect your health. Protect your home. Call or contact us today.

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