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Insulation Installation Lake Oswego OR

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Insulation Installation Lake Oswego Or

Installing insulation in your home is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to reduce energy loss. The effects of our services ripple outward and benefit additional areas of your home. If you’ve never given insulation a second thought, first consider the age of your home. Any property over 20 years old is likely being insulated by inferior or worn-down insulation materials. This isn’t a passive issue. Poorly insulated homes come with a cost. You’ll pay more for heating and cooling, have trouble regulating temperature, and wear your HVAC system out faster. At Northwest Weatherization, we help your home stop hemorrhaging money through affordable insulation services.

Choose Local. We’re Your Pacific Northwest Insulation Experts.

Rebates allow you to recoup as much as 40% of the cost of insulation services!

Our certified technicians know which updates offer incentives. We’ll work with you to create an action plan, identify available rebates, and take care of all the local paperwork.

Our Insulation Contractors Can Install Any Type Of Insulation You Need

Floor insulation – Your crawl spaces and floors may not be properly sealed or insulated. Our house insulation may use vapor barriers as well as sealing and insulating of sub-floor areas. Depending on the location, we’ll use different building insulation products. This even varies between sub-floors, access hatches, and piping. Using the right product for the area provides the greatest benefit, and we’ll make your home as energy-efficient as possible.

Wall insulation – Walls are responsible for the greatest amount of heat loss. We use spray-in insulation to restrict airflow and encapsulate wiring and piping. It doesn’t settle, won’t grow mildew or mold, and carries a higher r-value than foam insulation. [idea]Wall insulation can reduce heat loss by as much as 2/3.

Air sealing – Air sealing is practically required if you have a ducted system. Some insulation companies neglect ducts, but we know they harbor a lot of air contaminants. Leaks and gaps in a duct system allow unfiltered air into your home. This may contain allergens, bacteria, and animal waste. We stop the leaks and help you stay healthy.

We Install High-Quality Fiberglass Insulation

Insulation Installation Near Me Lake Oswego Or

Northwest Weatherization offers top-notch fiberglass insulation solutions specially designed for the challenging climate of the Pacific Northwest. Our fiberglass insulation not only provides superior thermal performance to boost energy efficiency and reduce energy bills but also prioritizes environmental health. Unlike conventional products, our formaldehyde-free insulation utilizes only vegetable-based binding agents, ensuring a sustainable choice for homeowners. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your attic insulation or enhance your overall energy efficiency, Northwest Weatherization’s fiberglass insulation stands as a dependable solution that safeguards your comfort and the environment.

Get The Experience You Need And The Insulation Products You Want

Over 25 years of combined experience: With extensive local experience in Lake Oswego, we insulate against harsh Northwest weather.

We employ certified technicians: We employ PTCS-certified technicians to maintain the highest standards.

Materials are purchased from the manufacturer directly: We purchase insulation directly from JM and Ply Gem.

Your home energy audit is always free: Due to the complexity of rebates, we’ll examine your efficiency levels for free!

We Are Your Go-To Insulation Installers In Lake Oswego, OR

When it comes to insulation projects in Lake Oswego, OR, our team of contractors at Northwest Weatherization strives to be your go-to experts. With our unmatched expertise, we ensure your home is shielded from improper insulation and ensure your project costs remain reasonable and affordable. Our highly skilled and PTCS & LEAD certified technicians are equipped to answer all your insulation questions and provide high-quality services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re concerned about energy efficiency or seeking to enhance home comfort, Northwest Weatherization is your trusted partner for top-notch insulation solutions in the Lake Oswegoarea.

It’s time to insulate your Lake Oswegohome. Comfort and savings start right here, so don’t wait any longer. Call or contact us today to schedule your free home energy audit!